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 believes the best customer experience comes from a genuine care and concern  for our ClientS. Our goal is to ensure every appointment is comfortable, relieves any pain or discomfort and meets all of your expectations. You are our priority! And our main goal is to have you leave our office amazed and most of all very  satisfied.

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We are well known for our in-office teeth whitening and cleanings, But SayCheese offers other services such ass  custom fit it bleaching trays, mouth guards(sports) Essex  retainers(same day pickup) the  possibilities are endless When it comes to the services we provide! Just give us a call and tell us your needs.

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Are your customers raving To your friends about your amazing visit/outcome! And would like to Share your  stories to help potential customers  ease their mind and hopefully help with some of their questions  Feel free to tag saycheese1101 on social media, Yelp or even send us an email  describing your visit good or bad we want to hear from you.

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big news for SayCheese

This fall SayCheese1101 will be launching the very 1st take-home whitening gel that has the effect as the in office treatment, but in the comfort of your own home. 


Q:is it paint ??

 A:No it’s not paint!! we use a higher grade teeth whitening gel that you can’t not get  over the counter at any local drugstore.

Q: how often do I have to come back?

A:  it’s really up to your discretion,but its  very highly recommend it that you follow the instructions on  aftercare paperwork for maximum results.

Q: will it hurt/any  sensitivity  

A: teeth whitening should never hurt, but to prevent somewhat of any sensitivity before it  occurs we suggest that you start brushing your teeth with Sensodyne toothpaste 1 week before you know your  appointment.

Q: can I eat right away?

A: it is not  recommended that you eat right after a whitening service. we  suggest that you eat 30 minutes  before you come for servic, and wait at least 2 hours after your appointment to eat.